How can I buy on the site?

First create an account if you are a new customer or authenticate if you are a former customer, then go to the Online Store section, choose the item you want, and add it to the cart, click on " Order ", then insert your measurements, and follow the instructions up to the payment method. After finalizing the order, you will receive a confirmation email and then we will contact you to check all the details of your order.

Can I edit the chosen article?

We perform two types of retouching:

Adaptation of the article to your measurements: In case of need, we retouch your article to adapt it to your measurements. These retouches are free.

The customization of the article: addition of stones, embroidery, additional belt or modification of one or more attributes of the article. These retouches are paying. For all your personalization requests, please contact us by phone on this number: 0522258379

How to take measurements ?

To take your exact measurements:

- Length: Wear heeled shoes and measure the length of the shoulder to the tip of the heels

- Shoulders: measure the width of the shoulders

- Sleeves: measure the length of the arm from the end of the shoulder to the wrist

-Tour of chest: measure the turn of the bust while wearing bras

- Waist (waist): measure the waist at the navel

-Hip circumference: measure the full lap at the hips, the widest part below the waist

After the finalization of your order, we will contact you to confirm your measurements

By what means can we make the payment?

-We accept payment by credit card via Morocco Telecom platform, and by Paypal

How long does the delivery take ?

Delivery in Morocco: 24h to 48h except weekends and holidays

International delivery: 48h excluding weekends and public holidays

Can we return the article?

The item once received by the client, can not be returned. Unless there is a need to change model or color ... etc.

Do you tailor?

We are not tailor made, we are specialized in high fashion ready to wear. We offer our customers a wide choice of ready-made models, made with so much taste and precision.